What is Matterport

Property Claim Adjusting takes pride in staying ahead of the industry and utilizing superior technology to help our clients in the claims process.  With the use of our Matterport camera we are able to improve the quality and efficiency of the Insurance Claim process and literally cut the claim turnover rate by approximately 50%. Cutting the insurance claims process allows you to do three things as the property owner. One, you will get paid faster. Two, get your property back to “Pre-loss condition”. Three, allow you to move on with your life and get back to the things that matter to you most in life.

How P.C.A revolutionizes the claims process

Property Claims Adjusting will come out to your property and conduct a pre-loss evaluation. What we are doing is taking a 3-D scan of your entire property. This scan will account for all interior components of the property including drywall, flooring, ceiling, personal contents, furniture, electronics, apparel, decor and any other major items within the home.

At the conclusion of the 3D scan we use a special editing software to collect all documented information and generate a report for you. This report will be pertinent if an actual event takes place at your property. This report generated can be submitted directly to your insurance company and expedite the process on your behalf.

The second way Property Claim Adjusting can help is if you have a preexisting claim. We can use the Matterport technology to adjust the damages after the damages have taken place. The Matterport is an alternative to using antiquated 2 dimensional photos that leaves visual gaps for an inside desk examiner who hasn’t stepped foot on your property and already has an inclination to deny your claim.

Don’t continue to get denied for claims for “Long term wear & tear” or even “Pre Existing Damages.” Give us a call and let Property Claim Adjusting do the work for you!

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