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When your life has been devastated by a fire, flood, or hurricane and storm damage the last thing you should be worried about is if your insurance company will payout your claim fairly and cover the cost of all the damage. The insurance company sends out their own adjuster to estimate the damage with the interests of the insurance company in mind, not the home owner.  .

 What does this mean for you the home owner? It means the insurance company is going to try and pay you as little as possible on yourclaim which means less money in your pocket. 

Join our family here at Property Claim Adjusting so that we can represent you on your claim and protect you and your investment in your home. We are here to provide you personalized service through every step of the process and protect your best interests in the process providing you peace of mind. At Property Claim Adjusting we utilize state of the art technology to ensure every detail within your home is accounted for when we submit our proposal to your insurance company.

Storm Damage Insurance Claim

Fire Insurance Claims

Electrical, Grease,and Smoke Fire Claims happen everyday across the United States. Fires can be a result of old wiring, faulty wiring, extension cords or even light fixtures. Let our locally located Public Adjusters help get your life back to the way it was before this tragedy took place.

Fire Damage Insurance Claim

Water & Mold Damage Claims

When mother nature shows her might in the form of flash flooding, hurricanes, and storms things can go from bad to worst very quickly

When your home is under water, call us for a life line. Our Public Adjusters can often come out the same day to provide a free estimate!.

Water Damage Insurance Claim

Hurricane / Storm Insurance Claims

Living in Florida you have to be prepared for the imminent threat of hurricanes each year. Hurricane Season begins June 1st and extends to November 30th.High wind speeds, water, hail, and downed trees and powerlines are just some of the things that can expose your property and contents to damage.

At Property Claim Adjusting we have helped many property owners recover thousands of dollars from the insurance company as it relates to hurricane damage. What many property owners don’t know about “Hurricane Claims” in the state of Florida is that you have up to 3 years to file claims from a named storm.

Hurricane Damage Insurance Claim

Theft & Vandalism Claims

  • Salting Lawns
  • Cutting Trees (Without Permission)
  • Egg Throwing
  • Breaking Windows
  • Arson
  • Spraying Paint on Others’ Properties
  • Tagging
  • Placing Glue into Locks
  • Tire Slashing
  • Keying (Scratching) Paint
  • Throwing Shoes on Power Lines or Similar Structures
  • Ransacking a Property
  • Flooding a House by Clogging a Sink and Leaving the Water Running
  • Pulling up Plants from the Roots without Permission

If tenants vandalize your property, don’t pay out of pocket for damages. Make sure you have the right public adjuster on your team to advocate for you.

Our team of Public Adjusters can meet you at your property for a FREE Damage Inspection and consult you on the claims process.

Sinkhole & Collapse Insurance Claims

Sinkhole claims can be very complex claims to handle. These types are claims are not always “Black & White.” Property owners many times think that sinkhole claims are only covered when a gaping hole has appeared, and their property seems to have fallen through the Earth. No, many times sinkhole coverages open if “Sinkhole related Activity” occurs.

Make sure you have a professional handle your case when it comes to sinkhole claims because long term effects are warranted as a result of these claims.

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